Film is the most amazing and compelling tool we have to convey a message.


That Step specializes in creating media that conveys innovation, creativity & impact. We identify company's that are making a positive influence in society and personal growth to work with. We originate, think up, write, shoot and produce.

We are a multi-talented creative production company that chooses to work with various institutions in both the private and public sectors. From concept to completion, we create media with integrity, direction and purpose.  

We want to give you an early edge in building your company’s brand by producing the same high quality content that large scale production houses have the resources to produce. By relying on our focus, expertise and raw talent, we are able to reduce unnecessary production costs and deliver impeccable high quality content with a definitive message. 

Additional campaign media may include banners, graphic art, logos, videos, tailored documentaries, still photography and scoring. 

Simply stated, our goal is to help make the world a better place. Partnering with you is "That Step" in creating a better future. 


How it works

Idea/ Research, Strategy, and look. Prep/ Casting, Crew and Camera. Shoot/ People, Place and Performance. Edit Sink, Rough Cut, Sound Design, VO, Mix and Grade.

That Step/ Short Form, Long Form, Promotional,Vlog, Online, Music Video and Documentry