That Step Process


1. Booking With Us

That Step Productions films, edits, and produces video and can handle any motion graphics you may need as well. If you have questions about adding video to your marketing materials, online identity or pitch deck or you would like to talk about getting started, CONTACT US.

2. Quotes and Proposals

The next step is to tell us about your project so we can send you a custom quote. Essential info includes: a description of the project, the timeline, and the budget. After an initial conversation, we ask you fill out a brief form describing your project. We will construct a quote and apply your vision to our process: Get A Quote

3. Agreement

Getting expectations on paper enables us to deliver with the highest customer satisfaction. We send a contract for you to look over and customize if needed... once approved and signed by both parties, we are ready to go.

4. Payment

In order to reserve a booking, we require a 50% deposit with a signed agreement to work together. Project commences when your deposit clears. Upon delivery of your video the remaining 50% is due.

We accept (and prefer) personal and business checks. We also accept Paypal, Venmo and most major credit cards with a 3% up-charge to cover the third-party processing fees.  

If you need flexibility with your payment, we are happy to negotiate a plan that works for you. 

5. Scheduling

Your project matters to us, and we are committed to a smooth process. We accomplish this with an organized schedule, sitting down with you (or correspond via phone/email) to create a timeline that works best for both parties. This is our map to keep us on course.

6. Pre-Production

For most projects, we take time translate the objective of the video into a concept/framework that implements your big idea. We ask the basic questions: "what will we put in front of the camera? What will the Voiceover say, do we need one? Will there be stop-motion animation?" The answers to these questions direct what talent to use, where to shoot (locations), story-boards, acquiring the right crew, gear, (props and costumes if needed), develop the artistic direction and ideate with you, our client, ensuring we are on the same page.

7. Filming Days

When your scheduled shoot day arrives, we show up early to determine location, angles and the plan for the day.  Our experience directors and crew will handle lighting, sound, set up and the flow of the day.  Shoot days often incur intangibles and we factor this in by showing up early and working until we get what we need. 

8. Post-Production and Editing

With fast, experienced editors who produce great results, we usually cut and edit the video files within a day or two.  Projects usually run through multiple editing programs before they are completed: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Etc. ensuring the highest industry standards and a beautiful final product you will be proud of. 

Projects usually go through a series of three revisions: rough cut, revised cut and final cut. We send each cut to you, our client, for feedback, and make the requested revisions. This process varies from project to project and are committed to the deliverables matching the vision you had in mind when you hired us. 

9. Turnaround

It is our priority to deliver your video in a timely manner. We allow ourselves a time frame of 3-6 weeks for general projects, but oftentimes we can get it to you sooner, depending upon our current workload. If you are experiencing a time crunch, we can move your project to the front of our cue for a 20% rush fee.