Transforming the way people think and feel about the future.

That Step Productions, located in Venice, California is a team with decades of experience in video/film/production committed to working with companies that are doing good work in the world.

How it works

Idea - Research, Strategy, and look. 

Prep - Casting, Crew and Camera. 

Shoot - People, Place and Performance. 

Edit - Sink, Rough Cut, Sound Design, VO, Mix and Grade.

That Step Productions specializes in creating: Short & Long Form... Promotional, Vlogs, Online and Music Videos & Documentary Film(s)



That Step’s mission is to work with people that make a positive influence in society. We work exclusively with companies, artists and nonprofits that believe in a better world. From concept to completion, we create media with integrity, direction and purpose.

Partnering with you is "That Step" in creating a better future.

That Step Process

Nonprofit Discount


Additional campaign media may include banners, graphic art, logos, videos, tailored documentaries, still photography and scoring.


Some of who we have worked with.